Residents of Weavers Quarter

There will be an interruption to your energy supplies at the end of July.

This interruption is caused by the need of BeFirst to connect the new homes currently being built at the North of Weavers Quarter.

Following feedback from residents from the last shutdown in April and to minimise inconvenience to residences, we plan to do these works overnight.

Residents of Braid Court & Beckett Court, Bowen Court & Windsor Court and Orvis Court and the street properties below these blocks
· We will disconnect your electricity at: 11:30pm on 22nd July 2021 and it will be turned back on by 5.00am on 23rd July.

· During this time your heating and hot water will not be available

· As your cold water is pumped there will also be no cold water.

· Fire marshals and door security will be on site for your safety and security whilst the automatic systems are unavailable like the last shutdown.

Residents of Butterfly Court & Lariat Court, Albright Court & Clove Court and the street properties below these blocks
· Your heating and hot water will not be available from: 11:30pm on 22nd July 2021 and will be turned back on by 5.00am on 23rd July.

· During this time, your electricity will be unaffected.

· Your cold water will not be affected

If you have any urgent issues during the outage, then please contact 020 8227 5960.


In the meantime if you have any special requirements or concerns about the planned shutdown then please do let us know as soon as possible by responding to, ideally by 20th July, so we can contact you and help arrange any support you may need.


Frequently Asked Questions for properties with no electricity


1.      What will happen to the food in my fridge and freezer?

You may be concerned at this time about the food in your fridge and freezer. Food in the fridge should keep for 4-6 hours and in the freezer for 15-24 hours if you can avoid opening it.

2.      Will my broadband be affected?

Yes. For the period of the shutdown, all electricity, including to your modem, will be affected.

3.      How do we flush the toilet?

Unfortunately, water supply to toilets will be interrupted, but we suggest customers fill a bath of water and use a bucket to flush the toilet.

4.      How can I heat my baby’s food?

Presuming you normally use hot water to heat your baby’s food, we suggest storing hot water in a Thermos. We plan to have the power back on in 6-8 hours.

5.      Will the electric communal doors work?

No, but we will be providing marshals who will be responsible for security. If you have any other requirement, or are aware of a neighbour that might, please let a marshal know who will do their best to help.

6.      What precautions should I take to prepare for the turn off and for power to be restored?

You do not have to turn any of your appliances off in preparation for the shutdown. We suggest you avoid opening your fridge and freezer as much as possible to retain the cold air inside and fill your bath with water so you can flush the toilet with a bucket in case needed.

Drinking water will be available free of charge at collections points in each of the foyers of the blocks without cold water to B&D Energy customers.

7.      Will the smoke detectors and fire alarms still work?

The smoke alarms inside your dwelling do have backup batteries so will remain functioning.

The communal areas in the building do not have a fire alarm, but the smoke extraction vents on each of the stairwells will be manually opened for the duration of the shutdown as a safety precaution.

8.      I have poor mobility; how will I get out if the lifts do not work?

We will have marshals on the day available to help. If you need bottled water for example, they can bring it to your front door. If you want to discuss a specific need, please email us your contact details on to discuss how we can assist.