Hi and welcome to the latest update from B&D Energy.

Customer Survey Response

Thank you to everyone who responded to our customer survey recently, there were three main topics in the feedback we received.


75% of the comments we focused on the price BDE charges its customers.


For electricity the most comparable rate we found was from Eon-UK, the rates quoted are available for those on economy 7 and who pay by direct debit.

Eon BD Energy
Day rate 34.42 p/kWh 35.53 p/kWh
Night rate 18.49 p/kWh 13.88 p/kWh
Standing charge 32.23 p/day 21.90 p/day



With respect to heat prices there is very little available comparable data.  As a result, we compared ourselves to the Heat Trust price, which is the price the consumer body believes is the real cost of the Heat Trust calculator. We have attached the link to the Heat Trust calculator here:  HeatTrust – Heat Cost Calculator .

Property size Estimated heat usage in the property

(kWh / annum)

Heat trust calculated annual fair price. (£) BD Energy private customers estimated yearly bill (£) BD Energy reside customers estimated yearly bill (£)
1 bed 2,600 £746.77 £615.04 £373.28
2 bed 3,650 £840.77 £726.31 £484.55
3 bed 5,275 £996.06 £920.42 £656.75
4 bed 6,275 £1091.86 £1,031.86 £762.72

We are confident the BD Energy rates are offering good value for money for our customers, although significantly higher than they were a year ago.  Although it is worth comparing your own usage to assess the value for money BD Energy offer.  With respect to the heat costs, we encourage you to use the information in your bill with the heat trust calculator to assess how BD Energy is working for you.

Customer Service

In addition, we had a few comments about customer service.

In particular.

  • Why do we offer lower prices to Reside customers.

Reside customers are charged a lower fee as within the rent charged by Reside, they include a charge for replacement of the het equipment, consequently BDE do not need to charge this in addition to their rent.

  • I am not satisfied with the service of the BDEnergy team.

If you are dissatisfied with the service supplied by BDE, please either email the team at enquiries@bdenergy.org.uk or call 020 8227 5960. Or if you follow the link below you can take your complaint to the ombudsman, please find attached the complaint procedure Complaints-Procedure-Feb-2018.pdf (bdenergy.org.uk)

Metering/System Faults

Finally, we received two complaints relating to the accuracy of the meters and faults on the network.

The meters fitted in your homes are supplied by a Danish company called SAV. The units are recognised as being the market leader in terms of measurements and are designed to be used throughout the life of the property.  The B&D Energy team track/monitor metering figures on a monthly basis.  We call customers where the usage appears too high or too low, compared to the average consumption.  If there appears to be a fault, we will then send an engineer to investigate.  In addition, every three years our team will service the unit and ensure it is working properly. If you think you do have a faulty meter, please contact us on 020 82227 5960 or at enquiries@bdenergy.org.uk. Every three years our team will service the unit and ensure it is working properly.

In terms of network performance, we track in real time the state of the network. The team have alarms which warn them when there is a system fault, we then discuss network performance on a weekly basis and our team are available 24/7 to rectify faults.  If we miss anything or you lose supply, please contact us on 020 82227 5960 or at enquiries@bdenergy.org.uk.  Our telephone should be answered 24/7, although this number should only be used for emergencies or loss of supplies, outside of office hours.

Price Changes

We are expecting a change in price in heat and hot water in October 2022. It is likely to be an increase that will be driven by the government price cap and global gas prices. The price cap change is due to be announced in mid September and we will let you know as quickly as possible after this date of any impact on our prices.

We are very aware of the impact price increases have on many of our customers. If you think that you may struggle to pay, please do get in touch with us.

Thanks for reading