If you wish to change electricity supplier, the process is very different to that of switching between licensed suppliers because your property is on a Private Wire Network.

You need to express an interest to us in writing that you wish to be supplied by an alternative supplier, providing evidence that at least one licensed supplier is willing to supply you. You do not currently have what is known as an MPAN as you are supplied by a Private Wire Network.

Before considering a switch, you should be aware of the possible costs associated with such a switch. These will differ from case to case but may include:

  • Metering costs
  • Connection costs reasonably incurred
  • Other costs – e.g. use of system charges which may be added to the overall bill or any costs associated with providing information requested by the customer about the steps that would need to be taken to increase capacity on the network. Information about use of system charges are indicative only until charging methodology approval has been given by Ofgem.

B&D Energy can require that you meet all these costs (although your new supplier may agree to meet some or all of these costs). Customers contemplating switching may therefore wish to obtain confirmation of these costs from B&D Energy and any potential third party supplier(s) and agree who will be responsible for meeting them, before agreeing a contract with the new supplier.

If, after consideration of these potential additional costs, you wish to proceed, then you can find a list of licensed suppliers on the Ofgem website or by using price comparison websites. Prices quoted on these sites may not, however, be wholly applicable for a supply to our network as they are unlikely to reflect the charges mentioned above. When considering a new supplier, you must tell them that you are currently supplied over a ‘licence exempt network’.

Once agreement has been reached on costs and you have signed your contract with your new supplier, they have 21 days to commence your new supply. If you have an outstanding debt with us it must be fully paid off before we will allow the transfer.

Your new supplier then has 21 days to commence your supply.

If you do switch supply, you may choose to make further changes of supplier. This could include a switch back to a supply from us – although there is no obligation on us to resume a supply.

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